Example Based Machine Translation for English-Sinhala Translations

Anne Mindika Silva, Ruvan Weerasinghe


This paper presents an Example Based Machine Translation System which can be used for English – Sinhala translations mainly to be used in the government domain. The System uses a bilingual corpus of English - Sinhala aligned at sentence level, as the knowledge base of the System. Given a source phrase, the System retrieves the English sentences and the corresponding Sinhala sentences in which the input phrase is found (Intra- Language Matching). Then the System performs a scoring algorithm on the retrieved Sinhala sentences to find the most occurring Sinhala phrase in the set, which is most likely to be the best candidate translation for the phrase (Inter-Language Matching). The output of the System has obtained BLEU scores of 0.17 - 0.26 for 3-gram analysis using one reference translation.