Design a Service Oriented Customizable Framework to Manipulate GIS Data

P.A.G. Nonis and D.D. Karunaratne


Whole activities in the World Wide Web have been dramatically inspired and enhanced by the concept of Service Oriented Architecture. This concept has influenced the GIS world also. More and more sophisticated Service Oriented GIS applications are developed by various interested groups around the world. Though, still there is no a satisfactory framework for the sake of building geo-spatial services as web services. We propose the design of a Service Oriented customizable GIS framework, where the capabilities of both proprietary and open source GIS tools and utilities are wrapped into geo-spatial web service methods. These geo-spatial web services are published in a localized web service registry implemented in the framework. In addition we intend to develop an AJAX library for customizing the services in the registry to create interactive web mapping applications. Free and Open Source Software will be used in the technical design of the framework.