Sentence Similarity Measuring by Vector Space Model

U.L.D.N. Gunasinghe, W.A.M. De Silva, N.H.N.D. de Silva , A.S. Perera, W.A.D. Sashika, W.D.T.P. Premasiri

Abstract— In Natural Language Processing and Text mining related works, one of the important aspects is measuring the sentence similarity. This paper follows the sentence similarity measure algorithm which is developed on both syntactic and semantic similarity measures. This algorithm is based on measuring the sentence similarity by adhering to a vector space model generated for the word nodes. In this implementation we consider about the nouns and relationships between nouns as well as verbs and relationships between verbs. The implemented algorithm can be used for any sentence pairs and it can be used for variable length sentences. In the experiment and results section we have been included our gain with this algorithm for a selected set of sentence pairs and have been compared with the actual human ratings for the similarity of the sentence pairs.

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