United Kingdom


Statistical Services Centre, University of Reading, United Kingdom.


Roger Stern, is a professor of Applied Statistics at Statistical Services Centre in the University of Reading, United Kingdom. He obtained his MSc in Statistics from University of Sussex, England and PhD in Statistics from the University of Reading. He worked as a lecturer in statistics at the same University and also have worked overseas for 10 years, particularly in Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Niger, both in Universities and in Agricultural Research institutes.

His main areas of research have been on developing methods for processing historical climatic data, particularly rainfall data, in ways that are of direct relevance to users. He is also particularly concerned with the development of effective methods for training in applied statistical methods in general, and statistics in applied climatology in particular. His current role in the Statistical Services Centre is largely that of offering support to research activities in many fields, but particularly in agricultural research and in issues concerning climate variability and climate change.

He can provide expert opinion on Data Analytics, Statistical applications, i.e. planning of experiments, data organization analysis and reporting, statistical software, statistical climatology, analysis of historical climatic data, training in research methods support and in statistical climatology.

Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE).