Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University, Sweden


Christian Rohner is professor in computer systems at Uppsala University, Sweden. He has a MSc in electrical engineering and a PhD in computer science, both from ETH Zürich. His research interest is in wireless systems, ranging from system design to energy-efficiency and security. Christian was lead architect for the Haggle opportunistic communication plattform and is board member of IoT Sweden.

Battery Dynamics and Battery-free Communication in IoT Applications

Date: 28th September 2018

Time: 11.15 AM
Tentative Abstract:

Changing batteries is not always an option for the Internet of Things (IoT) with billions of devices, yet ambient energy harvesting cannot in any case provide sufficient power to replace them. IoT applications typically follow a sense-compute-communicate paradigm in which communication is the most power hungry operation. Efforts to reduce power consumption have therefore focused on reducing the amount of data to be sent and putting the communication interface asleep as much as possible.

This talk addresses two diametral yet complementing approaches to the battery dilemma: First, we take into account battery dynamics to design protocols that achieve longer battery lifetime. Second, we introduce LoRea backscatter communication to enable battery-free long-range communication and discuss its implications on the sense-compute-communicate paradigm.